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City of Trogir

Trogir is often called the "treasury of art" or "monument city".
Cathedral of St. Lawrence with Radovan's portal, Kamerlengo tower, south and north city gate, Cipiko Palace, City Hall, St. Nicholas, Town museum and Kairos art collection are just some of the sights of this city.

After all, even UNESCO stated:
"Trogir is an excellent example of a medieval town built on and conforming with the layout of a Hellenistic and Roman city that has conserved its urban fabric to an exceptional degree and with the minimum of modern interventions, in which the trajectory of social and cultural development is clearly visible in every aspect of the townscape."

Trogir is a real town-museum. Those who like cultural and historical monuments, art, original architecture and beautiful streets will find Trogir as inspiring destination full of historical heritage - from Romanesque yard to the modern interiors.

The unique historical core, Radovan's portal and Kairos delight travelers and writers for decades and centuries.
Entertainment includes lively fisherman's nights and folklore, classical music concerts in museum courtyard or in St. Lawrence Cathedral gives Trogir a cultural note during the summer

Trogir is a city that wins at first glance, it is a city you immediately falls in love with.

Visit Trogir and feel the beauty of ancient monuments, the mystique of the streets and the harmony of colors and forms of art

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